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Vertical Panels w/30lb base

Vertical Panels w/30lb base

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Lakeside Plastics Diamond Panel is a highly visible vertical traffic channelizer designed for service in a wide variety of vehicle and pedestrian applications.



The Diamond Panel features an easy-grip handle, allowing for easy carrying and quick positioning.

The unique design and shape of the Diamond Panel allows convenient stacking/transport with or without the base. The Diamond Panel can be fitted with a barricade light or signage.

Break-away design. Stackable with or without base. Easy-grip handle. Mounting hole for warning light or sign. Recessed area accepts a variety of tape and signage . Choice of 100% recycled 9#, 20#, 30#, 42# rubber base.

The Diamond Panel is made of high quality impact resistant polyethylene and can be ordered with reflective tapes and a variety of base weights (9#, 20#, 30#, 42#). Available in safety orange, lime green, black and white.

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