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Stihl TS420 14" Cut Off Saw.

Stihl TS420 14" Cut Off Saw.

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Stihl TS420 14" Cut Off Saw.


The Gas-Powered Stihl 14" Cut Off Saw lightweight, reliable, and powerful cutting tool in the construction industry. The updated verision of the Sthil Gas Saw comes with every feature from the TS410 and adds the clean and smooth-running air filtration system that requres little-to-no air filter maintance. The Stihl TS420 puts itself in a league of it's own due to it's unbelievable performance and efficicency. Looking to purchase blades with this saw? We have a saw packages available!

Power: Gasoline

Engine Power: 4.4 Hp

Engine Speed: 9,000 rpm - Electric Govornor

Arbor Size: 20mm

Blade Guard Diameter: 14"

Maximum Cutting Depth: 4.9"

Displacement: 4.07 cubic inches

Weight: 21.2 Lbs.

*Do NOT use a carbide tipped, circular blade, or wood cutting blade on Stihl TS420 cut-off machine. Never cut wood of any type.

*Stihl recommends to use clean fuel that contains no more than 10% Ethanol content. Anything above 10% may damage the equipment.

If you have any questions or need additional information. Call us at 800-604-0088. Saw Packages Available.

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