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Surfblock WB-75 55 Gallon

Surfblock WB-75 55 Gallon

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Surfblock WB-75 is a 7.5% active water-based siloxane/silane water repellent and impregnating agent for porous masonry surfaces such as concrete, block, brick, and unglazed tile. Surfblock WB-75 will penetrate and chemically bond deep within the substrate to provide long lasting protection against deterioration or staining due to water conditions. Surfblock WB-75 will not impair the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates, nor will it produce a film. Surfblock WB-75 will help concrete and masonry surfaces to resist common issues such as cracking, efflorescence, spalling, staining, and other damages caused by intrusion of water.


Concrete & masonry water repellent, water based 7.5% active

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