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Pro Riding Trowel Machine (MSP445)

Pro Riding Trowel Machine (MSP445)

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The Allen Mechanical Powered Pro Riding Trowel Machine (MSP445)


The Allen Mechanical Powered Pro Riding Trowel Machine (MSP445) features independent manual lever steering and the powerful Kohler Gasoline 37HP engine that can handle any contractor's job. The MSP445 is the most popular series of riding trowel machines on the market. Finishing Blades and Pans (sold seperately) go on a 5-Bladed Spider at a maximum of 46 inches diameter.

Rotors: 46" in Diameter, 5-Bladed Spider

Maximum Rotor Speed: 165 RPM

Engine: Kohler CH100, 37HP

Fuel Type: Air-Cooled Gasoline

Panning Path Width: 97.5 in.

Weight: 1,052 Lbs.

Fuel Capacity: 6 Gallons

Since 1964, Allen Engineering Corporation has been making innovations to equipment such as concrete pavers, truss screeds, rammers, riding trowels, and more. ProContractor Supply is a leadering distributor of Allen's products, call us today for information or questions at 800-604-0088.

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